Since 2011 working in the security sector, protecting AAA Clientes all over the world with 300 Employees.

Several of the services were represented by Anthea Security more at European level, we intend with CLS to cover several continents, Some of our worldwide services are provided by our partners with our management.


Be a globally reference for excelent services in the private security sector.


Protect our customers and their assets, through the most qualified professionals and technological resources, in order to feel safe and calm, just focused on their business and well-being.


CLS provide security services, range from chauffeur-driven vehicles to executive protection teams with specialized training in high-level counter-terrorism operations. Our operatives protect most prominent families and at-risk individuals. We provide consultation on security programs, and protective coverage at home, during travel, and at public appearances.

Our professional operatives can enable you to day-to-day business and they take care of all your security arrangements and can be absorbed into your business and social environment with the minimum of fuss.


Our Executive Protection Drivers are all highly trained in defensive and evasive driving techniques. They are constantly monitoring and conducting Counter Surveillance to make your visit as safe as possiblie.

They will study your itinerary and conduct route, building and location reconnaissance as well as liaising with the security teams at all veneus.

Depending on the Threat Level, they will also liaise with local law enforcement and government agencies to ensure the safety of your VIP’s.



Due diligence is a process that involves the study, analysis and detailed evaluation from a specific business company. This study can cover financial, accounting, social security, labor, real estate, technological, legal aspects of the company. In fact, any sector/department can be assessed through a Due Diligence process.

Our team will start to gather information on a prospective Principal as soon as a client enquiry is received. We use this due diligence exercise to assess the threat and risk to the Principal, their family, their business interests and assets.

We use the seven P's of principal threat profiling: people, places, personality, prejudices, personal history, political/religious views, and private lifestyle to look for direct and indirect threats."



CLS provide prestige armored vehicles combining highest level of security with an atmosphere of luxury, comfort and technical excellence unique in the automotive industry.


Protective Surveillance is used in many ways for or many different reasons. We provide a multitude of sophisticated systems upon client request.


CLS provide vehicle and personal tracking devices. The trackers are of the highest quality, extremely robust and completely waterproff. The tracking devices can be attached to assets, briefcases, handbags, vehicles and in clothes, without being detected.


CLS can provide a unique Specialist Corporate Investigation Service, together with a comprehensive portfolio of services.


CLS operatives are experts in their respective fields they are experts in risk assessment, defensive and evasive driving, unarmed combat, Close Protection, Frist aid and all have a high level of weapons systems knowledge. Many are Multilingual, very fit and very well educated.


CLS operate Globally and have a unique professional working relationship with many governments agencies and high level private Close Protection and Covert Surveillance Organizations.


ANTHEA SECURITY has implemented an integrated Management System that is certified in Quality, Environment, HSST and Social Responsibility through the following references: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001 and even NP 4469.